March 2020 Digital Issue

March 2020 Issue
Manufacturing and Logistics IT magazine was born in 1997, the same year Steve Jobs returned to Apple Inc. as interim CEO, and when the domain name for the web search engine Google was first registered.

Technology has certainly developed at a rapid pace since then - so much so that after 23 years of producing the conventional print version of the magazine, we are now ready to venture into the exciting new immersive world of digital publishing. Our first outing in this new format is this March issue of the magazine, which has been created to be intuitively interactive, easily navigable and optimised for viewing on desktop and mobile devices.

This new digital format will enhance the scope and ease of access to information for you, our readers. Naturally, this re-birth of the magazine will be more eco-friendly, bypassing the need to produce a paper edition, and thereby reducing the carbon footprint in the physical distribution of copies to subscribers.

We are very excited about the opportunities that this new format will present - we hope you enjoy the read!

This edition features a Special Technology Report on Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

For this report, we spoke with a number of leading analysts and vendors within the Transportation Management Systems space about current trends and possible future innovations within this critically important industry sector.

Also included are the usual dedicated technology segments; including:

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